Simple Steps To Get Back on Track

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It is super easy to fall off the wagon. There are so many temptations all around us. The good news is, that it is just as easy to get back on the wagon. The wagon of course being our health and fitness journey. We have to remember, things are only as hard as you make them.

I tell myself that simple line everything i start to feel overwhelmed with a situation, “Things are only as hard as you make them”. Then I take a moment to breathe, then I get my thoughts together and it becomes much easier to figure out the situation. I also tell others the same thing when I start to see they are getting frustrated with a situation. Granted they look at me like I’m crazy, but then it all starts to make sense.

When we keep things simple, its easier not only to stick to it, but there is less confusion when trying to carry the task out. So, if you start out with a simple with your fitness plan you don’t have to worry about the latest trend or fad. When you keep your meal plan simple you don’t have to stress about making food for the week. *My meal prep secret most weeks is picking something that I can make it bulk and don’t mind eating for five days straight*

Keeping things simple almost guarantees success. It helps us to create habits. And creating healthy positive habits is what we are all about achieving. To make sure that you are able to keep it simple and are off to a great start, I have come up with a couple of things that you can focus on:

Simple Steps to Get Back on Track

Eat Healthy Foods

Up your Protein

More Vitamin D

Get some Sleep

Get Physical Exercise

Drink Water

Cut Sugar

What are some ways that you keep it simple with your health and fitness??

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