Reasons You're Not Seeing a Change

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There requires a certain level of commitment that comes with making the transition into healthy living. Its not something that happens over night and it definitely isn’t something that we can conquer in a weeks time. We have to stick to it and create habits that we can keep for the long haul. There honestly isn’t a magic pill to take or tea to drink. I know how much people on social media tell us otherwise.

We have to put in the work. And yes it is WORK. Just like you train for anything else in life you have to train not only your mind but your body to make the transition so that you will be successful at it. Without preparation we set ourselves up to fail. When we fail we feel defeated and get in a negative mindset and space.

The same thing can happen when we don’t see the changes that we thought we would see by a certain time period. That my friend can be a double edge sword if we aren’t real with ourselves from the start. We first have to think about the time frame that we gave ourselves. Way it realistic. Most times it isn’t. Losing 20 pounds in two weeks in not real not matter what diet you are on.

Secondly, have we really put our best foot forward and really committed to the process. Most times we don’t. So we stop drinking soda cause of the sugar in it but didn’t stop eating cookies and brownies.Or we stop eating fast food for lunch but are still eating chips at every meal.

It’s things like this that stop us from seeing our full potential when making the transition cause we have fully transitioned into the lifestyle of healthy living and fitness. There are other things that we could be doing that are holding us back as well. I have come up with a short list of ways that we are holding ourselves back.

Why Aren’t You See Any Change

You focus on exercise and not diet

You are following the fad

Not enough exercise

Too many sugary drinks

Not enough sleep

Too much alcohol

Do any of these ring a bell or raise a Red Flag?? What will you do to change the into positives??

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