Healthy Weight Loss

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Now that summer is right around the corner there are tons of people telling us how to Summer Time Fine and Beach Ready. Little do they know we not new to this we true to this. Yes June is here and we are ready. But I understand if you not READY READY. Im not all the way ready just yet to be honest LOL.

The year is half way over but some days it feels like the time has gone by way too fast and it should only be about March. This way we would be on track with all of our health and fitness goals. But that aint about to happen. Its June and we need to deal with it.

The wonderful part about life is no matter what other tell you, each day is a brand new start to get it right. So yesterday was way more stressful then you could handle so you got the large vegan bowl instead of the small. Well today is a fresh start and a chance for us to get right back on track. So when you order, go right ahead and order the small vegan bowl.

No matter what has happened in our past, we live life in the future each day. Each day is a new start to get back on track and reach our goals. We are given a new opportunity to get it right. Now to help you out and make sure that you conquer each day, I have a short list of ways to knock the second half of the year out of the park.

Healthy Weight Loss

Revisit your Goals

No calorie counting

Remember Moderation

Less Sugar

Get outside

More Veggies

What are some other healthy ways to drop them pounds??

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