Getting Healthy the Easy Way

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Everything is super simple until it time to actually do it. Then it becomes the hardest thing in the world. Especially when it comes to making the transformation to healthy living. You being to miss things you never cared for. You miss foods that you barely ate. Even more so, the thought of always have to be accountable is just the worst. Actually it ISNT!!

See the thing about it is, things are only as hard as you make them. We have the idea that to be fit and healthy we have to give up so much. That all of a sudden over night by magic, we now have to give up the things that have been with us our whole lives and we “love” so much. Honestly, we only have that thought of mind because we are being told we can’t have something.

I was the same exact way. When I made the decision to FINALLY be health, all I could think about was all that I had to give up. I would now have to live without burgers, fries, pizza, wings, chips and chocolate. What type of life would this really be? How was I to live and survive? The answer, just like I always had!!!

I was focusing on all that I considered would be lost to me. I wasn’t thinking about all the things that I would gain. And the reality of it all was that I BARELY ate any of that stuff anyway. It was time to get REAL with myself. I wasn’t a big burger and fries person. I didn’t eat pizza outside of NY. I barely ate chips and chocolate as a snack food. But the wings, those were my heart.

Even though I didn’t eat these foods on a regular basis, there were times where I didn’t have a craving for them. So what was I to do? To stay on track I had to find some healthy swaps or better ways to have my coveted foods. So when I wanted burgers and fries I opted for turkey burger or bean burger (when I wanted to impress people LOL) and sweet potato fries. When I wanted wings I ordered them baked instead of fried with a seasoning instead of a sauce. When I wanted some snack food I had homemade granola (the dried fruit are a great opt if you have a sweet tooth).

It was really just that easy. A true testament to things only being as hard as you make them. I didn’t have to worry when I was out with friends because there was always a healthy option. When I stopped thinking about being healthy as giving up so much, I was able to see all that I would gain. A true sense of CONTROL being the main thing.

You may still feel that I have lost my mind and it can’t really be that easy. That you have so much more going on and you just can’t change things up like that. Don’t worry I get it. It didn’t happen for me over night either. So to help you out a little bit, I have come up with some SUPER SIMPLE ways that you can get healthier and make your transition into healthy living just that much easier.

Simple ways to get healthier


Slow down

More Fruits

Get Sleep

Whole Grain Bread

Eat Green

Meal Prep

Greek Yogurt

Get Physical

No Sugary Drinks

Make a List

Healthy Oils

Eggs for Breakfast


No Diet Foods

More Protein

Eat Fresh Fruits

Drink Lots of Water

No frying

Try Popcorn

Vitamins (D & Omega 3)

Black Coffee

No Fast Food

Healthy Meals

Smaller Plates


What other things can you come up with to make the transition to healthy living easy???

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