Revamp Your Pantry

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We have been making some great progress with everything that has been going on. Even though this year is still in the beginning we have really been though a lot. Who knew 2019 would have so much going on. Surely not me!! It has been beyond crazy.

 We ended 2018 with a new plan and goals in mind so that when 2019 got here we would already have a plan in place. We would already have our goals in motion so that knocking things would be as easy as pie. But then some bumps came along and things went a little crazy for a while.

 Yes we may have hit a rough patch or two or our plateaus were here longer than our peaks, but we adjusted and made the necessary changes. And we are back on track. You have to realize, that no matter what life throws at you, just take a moment to get your balance and get right back at it.

We have talked about what to do when challenges affect us on our journey. What to do when we feel like we are making any progress weight wise, how to overcome various roadblocks, and how to get out of our own heads/way. So now let’s discuss how to SET OURSELVES UP FOR SUCCESS.

 So let’s just say that something happened to knock us off our game and we had a cheat meal or two or seven. And we accidentally brought too many bags of chips or cookies to deal with what was bothering us. Then we just couldn’t stop buying the junk. Next thing you know, we had a bunch of things in the house that should not have been there (please tell me I’m not the only one this happened to). Somehow our veggies crisps turned into potato chips and we can’t even remember the purchase.

 To get a wonderful handle on things and make sure that we get back on track as quick as possible I have come up with some things that you can swap out RIGHT NOW!! I know that it is SUPER tempting to say “I’m just going to eat what I have here now and then when I go back to the store I will get the good stuff.” I said the same thing. But the longer we keep those sweets and treats around the harder it becomes to not buy more when we head back to the store because you have gotten used to seeing them in your house. So just throw it ALL AWAY right NOW!!

Now when you go back to the store, jot these things down so you have a nice little guideline to keep you in order:

Revamp Your Pantry

Coconut Sugar instead of White Sugar

Plant-Based Milks and Cheeses instead of Dairy

Olive/Coconut Oil instead of Corn/Vegetable Oil

More Produce

Less Meats

More Beans and Legumes

Whole Grains

Nuts and Seeds

Add Tart and Tangy

More Spices

What other swaps can you think of that will help you out when shopping??

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