Positivity for 2019

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I’m pretty sure that there are of many things that we feel that we can change about our lives and our bodies. But there are a TON more that we are already doing RIGHT! When we come into to the new year with the “new year, new me” mindset, what we are saying to ourselves is that something isn’t right. That there is something that we need to change about ourselves.

What we need to be focusing on is the things that we starting doing in 2018 that worked well for us and that we want to continue doing in 2019 and get better at. We need to start having a more positive outlook on our lives and the things that we involve ourselves in.

Yes there are some things that didn’t work out for us. But we took the time to do them and we realized why they didn’t work and it made us better. Living a healthy lifestyle means having a mindset change to accept the overall change that we have to go through to get healthy in the first place. And this mindset change is about seeing the positive in the things that we partake in.

I do understand that everyday is not filled with sunshine and birds chirping. I do realize that we all get a case of the Mondays on a Wednesday. Hell I go through terrible days as well. But even in those terrible days there are things that did work for us. The fact that we recognized the bad in a day is good work if you really think about it. We were able to see that there were things going on in that day that didnt work for us. So this way when the next day comes along we know what not to do so we dont repeat the bad day that we just had. This my friend is called PROGRESS !!

And to make things a little easier on you, I have some things/thoughts to help you see things a little more on the positive side!!

Way to think more positively

Remember the WHY

More self LOVE

Body Gratitude List

Think before you eat

Enjoy Every Meal


Remember your Confidence

Find a Support Group

Positive Affirmations

Remember your successes

Join a Club

Start a Hobby

Change your FOCUS

Power Pose

Dress for Success

Love the Skin you are IN

Get Sweaty

Show off your best feature

Eat for Fuel

Do one thing at a time

What are some other positive ways to look at life??

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