Happiness in 2019

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Happiness comes in may different forms for everyone. What brings joy to one person can be totally different for another. Its all about finding what works for YOU! I know that we have set some goals for this month and we are not checking to see what is working and what isn’t. Right about now is the time to make a mid-month check to see what we need to change to make sure that we are staying on track with our goals.

Another thing that we can start to do is get some goals in order for next month. Yes, that’s right. New Month = New Goals. Once we have knocked out our January Goals, its time to knock out our February Goals.

Now that we are mid-month we also need to do a reality check. We need to check to see if our goals are really what we thought we wanted or needed. Things happen in January where we are sitting around with friends and family and we hear people talking about things they want to accomplish and we think that would be something that sounds like we can do. Turns out its not really for us. THAT’S OK. I believe that its better to find things aren’t for us sooner than later.

After we do our reality check and see what goals work for us, some that we want to stick with, and some that we want to let go we can now make some positive changes to our lives and keep the momentum going. There are a ton of things that we want to do and take on, but there are also some things that we need to let go of to keep our positive energy going!!

Things to let go of in 2019

Unrealistic Goals



Wrong Priorities

Drinking in Excess

Society’s Expectations

Past Disappointments


Guilt over mistakes

Toxic People

Poor Self Image

Past Relationships

Trying to Change People

People’s Opinions

Unrealistic Expectations

Consumed by Social Media

Attachment to you phone

Fear of Discomfort

Unnecessary Commitments

Score keeping

Comparing to others


Lone-Wolf Mentality

What are some things that you have been doing and are ready to give up for 2019??

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