Worrying about our GOALS

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So here we are in March and some things just haven’t gone as planned. I understand that you didn’t exactly make it to the gym like you wanted. I get that you weren’t able to start taking that yoga class that you wanted. Trust me I know. Things haven’t really gone as planned for me either.

In life we have a bunch of road blocks that knock us off our game from time to time. That was basically the ENTIRE month of February. So many things happened that just turned my whole world upside down. There were times where I had to just take a moment to make sure that I had my sanity. But none of my intended goals were accomplished. It was completely crazy.

Even though things went nothing close to planned, I still made sure to keep my goals in mind. Granted they where on the back burner but I never forgot about the things that I wanted to accomplish. To get back on track, I took small moments each day to refocus and get a plan in place to get back on track. This way when my life normalized I wasn’t starting from scratch to get things going.

But my goal of getting back to the gym and dropping these unwanted pounds was a little different. Lets be HONEST. I haven’t been anything close to the gym rat I became known for. I mean, I still was active but that came from intense house work (like pulling up carpet) to getting 10k steps day in. I wasn’t hitting the weight and wasn’t taking my cardio classes and getting my workout on. Things have just been crazy.

It is understandable that things happen in life that just completely knock us off track and on our butts. But none of that means that you can’t get back up and get right back on track. It doesn’t mean that you can’t get going again. And it surely doesn’t mean that you can’t pretend like nothing happened and brush those “missteps” right out the window like they didn’t exist. Cause believe me that is exactly what I am doing. As far as I’m concerned, February never happened and here we are in March.

To help get you back on track I have come up with come things that just may be holding you back. Some things that you may want to adjust or reconsider as you get some goals together for the month of March. Take a look below:

Reasons Your not losing Weight

Too focused on the scale

Poor self image

Unrealistic Goals

Roller Coaster of emotions

Doing too much too soon

Unhealthy relationship with food

Not enough fiber

No support system

No portion control

Too much diet foods

Not giving yourself credit for achievements

You eat when your emotional

You overload your salad

What are some things that have been holding you back that you are ready to change??

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