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So we got down to a good weight in the last couple of weeks. We got rid of all of that holiday weight gain. We did AMAZING. But now we are stuck. We don’t know what to do or what changed. Something is missing and something just ain’t right. What are we to do. Just take a small break and let’s regroup.

So first of all. You did nothing wrong. You are doing just as you are supposed to. You did great with your journey and have made some amazing progress. You have been sticking to the plan and everything is going RIGHT!!!

When you get a good workout flow going you have to remember to mix it up. You not only want to keep it interesting in the kitchen, but you want to keep it super interesting when it comes to the workouts. See the things is when you did the same work out every day or every couple of days, your body starts to get used to it. When you body starts to get used to it they your progress hits a “wall”.

Your progress is still there but it isn’t happening like you need it to. You can start to get a little down on yourself because things aren’t happening like you expect.

Easy solution. Make sure to keep your body guessing!! Change up your workout just like you change up the meals you eat each week. You want to constantly challenge your body. This way you are always making progress.

Here are a couple of things that you can do to get back on track and keep your progress on TRACK !!

How to drop the last 10 lbs

Drink water during the day

Eat foods with high water content

Keep a food journal

Keep healthy foods around

Pick foods that require attention

Meal Prep

No Soda

Eat Dinner earlier

More Fiber


Get enough SLEEP

Eat complex low carbs foods

Start Strength training

No alcohol

Eat more fruits

What will you be adding to your days and weeks to get those last ten pounds out the door??

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