Cooking Healthier

With the holiday season just around the corner it is super easy to pack on our plates. I know I’m not the only one that can pile a plate high when all that I ever wanted is laid on the table before me. We do tend to eat a whole lot more when the holidays are around. Not only do we add more to our plates but we are eating a lot more.

At my job, there is always someone bringing is some snack or sweet treat for this place or that. They want to share everything. And us being the polite people that we are, say sure I will have just a little. When you are doing that not only multiple times a day and even multiple times a week, it really starts to add up.

To make thing easier, remember that it is okay to decline. You are not hurting anyone’s feelings. You have worked very hard all year to get on the right track, we don’t want let the holiday season make all of that work be in vain.

Here are some tips to help you out this holiday season:

Cooking Healthier

Taste before you salt

Remember the vegetables

Lose the Fat from ground beef

Rinse your can veggies

Good Fats in Salads

Oven Fry your foods

Pay attention to your oils

Don’t over cook garlic

Mix up the menu

What other things do you think will help to cook healthier during the Holidays??

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