Bye Bye to FAT

If there is one thing that I struggle with the most, its how to get rid of this extra fat. Yes it was easy to put it on, just eat what ever I wanted to. But getting it off is a whole nother story. And it seems that just when you have the hang of things and making some great progress, here comes someone with a tempting treat. Or the even worst than that is to hit the workout plateau.

Some people may not realize they have hit a workout plateau right away. Most of the time it come when frustration hits because you start to finally feel like you haven't made any additional progress and haven't seen anymore changes in your body for a couple of weeks.

Don't get discouraged. This happens to EVERYONE at some point or another. We get all hype up because we start to see muscles or definition and figure that the working that we are currently doing is what we can do for longer. Truthfully at this point we need to start switching it up.

Switching up your workout doesn't mean you have to start doing anything crazy or out of this world. It just means that you kick it up a notch. So if you are using 10 pound weights, you kick it up to 15. If you are doing sets of 10, you kick it up to sets of 20. If you are doing 3 sets, you kick it up to 5 sets.

Switching up your working means that you are constantly challenging your body. The workout plateau happens when your body is used to the workout and is not longer being  challenged. So when you weights no longer feel heavy like they did in the beginning, that means its time to add more weights. That means its time to add more sets. Or it means that its time to TRY SOMETHING NEW !!!

To help you out with coming up with something new, I have come up with a list of things you can do to say Bye Bye to the FAT!!

Add Extra to Your Workout

Do squats every day

Practice push ups

Add 30 Minutes of Cardio

Go for a 45 minute walk every day

Alternate lunges with push ups

Focus on Total Body Workouts

Try a cardio circuits

Do things that you enjoy


Take the stairs more often

What other exercises can you do to get rid of those extra pounds??

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