Food To Get Rid of NOW!!

As we get ready for the fall and winter and all of the good eating that comes along with this time of year. Its super important that we don’t get off track from all of the hard work that we have put in. Let’s be VERY honest right now, September is really easy but by the time Halloween hits its all down hill from there.

Once we get into the Halloween spirit, its all about the candy. And we all know we can only hold out but so long. We say no to all the candy bars but there is something about those bite sizes that just call our names. I know I’m not the only one. Every now and then I can’t help it, I just have to have one.

It seems like only days later that we are smelling all the goodies of Thanksgiving. All the amazing foods that we only eat during this time of year. See that is the statement that gets us in the most trouble. Indulging because we only eat like this during the holidays.

And before you know it, its CHRISTMAS !!! The best time of year because thats when all the good food comes out. All of the things that we have been waiting all year to eat because Christmas has a very specific menu.

With all of these foods that we only have during the holiday season and wait all year for, most people take on the idea that they are working out just to eat. I hear it all the time “I only go to the gym/workout so that I can put whatever I want on my plate.” That is NOT the mindset that we need to be taking. We didn’t start the year like that and we def aren’t going to end the year like that.

We are going to continue to put in the same amount of effort that we have been putting in and we are going to keep the same energy and mindset that has been keeping us all year long. We made a commitment to ourselves to be the best version of us that we can be. And no holiday is going to mess that up.

To make sure that we stay on track and finish the year strong, I have come up with some foods that we need to keep out of our lives.

Foods to Get Rid of NOW


Rice Cakes

Non Organic Chicken

Large Coffee Mugs

Fruit Juices


Cold Cereal

Flavored Coffee Creamer


Non Nutritious Bread

Canned Veggies


Soda (Even Diet)

Store Brought Granola

Deli Meats

Packaged Baked Goods

Cream Based Soups

Baked Goods

Nutrition Bars

Egg Beaters

Hi-Cal Fruit Smoothies

Soy Milk


How many of these do you currently have and need to get rid of?

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