Ways to Stress Free Healthy Living

There are so many things out there right now that I can get extremely confusing as to what we should be doing and what doesn't even apply to us at all. I go through so many days when I feel like I am suffering from information overload. 

It can be too much some days to not only get all the information in our heads or down on paper, but to actually apply it to our daily lives. To think not only do we have to prep our meals each week but make sure we are eating the right things, at the right times and being active with it. 

As I grow in my fitness journey, I realize that it takes actual dedication and self control. But, I have filter out all of the foolishness and make sure that things are just a bit easier for you. Together we can not only get through this journey, we can be SUCCESSFUL !!!

10 Things to Put Your Mind at Ease

No Food is Bad Food 

Don't Fear Fat

There is no one right way to be HEALTHY

BMI isn't as useful as everyone thinks 

Small Goals that can be applied Long Term is the way to go 

If it sounds too extreme for you, it probably is 

Losing weight isn't easy 

Focus on progress, not perfection 

Being healthy is more than eating fruits and veggies 

One Macro plan doesn't fit all 

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