Getting Through the Morning


Its totally understandable that not everyone is a morning person. Even morning people need some help getting up and out the door. To be honest, it has been hard as ever getting out the bed each morning. The nights are longer and having to get up in the morning has been getting harder.

Its not that I'm not a morning person, because once I'm up, I'm songs singing and birds chirping kind of girl. But its getting out that bed that has been the hard part. Now its understandable that, yes I have been going to be later. But its not my fault though. Things happen and it keeps me up.


But nonetheless, its about what you do once you get up. And better yet, how to make the "getting up" process even better. Cause we all know there is a difference between waking up and getting up. Waking up is opening your eyes from that good nights sleep. Getting up is putting your two feet on the floor and pushing yourself out of bed and getting the truly started. That's the part that I have the most trouble with LOL. But I have found some things to foods to help make this process just that much easier and will make your mornings go by as smooth as pie.



Foods to help you Get through the Morning

Chia Seeds




Dark Chocolate





Greek Yogurt

Just as a little tid bit to help out. These foods and drinks are not hard to come by or even hard to incorporate within your morning. Its a great idea to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. You can have oatmeal with apples, dark chocolate and chia seeds. Or you can have an spinach omelet. If you want to keep it simple, you can have some Greek Yogurt with chia seeds and nuts. You can finish off your breakfast with a nice up of peppermint tea.


What will you be having for breakfast? How will your mornings change?

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