Creating Healthy Habits for the Future

We have been working hard to get our summer bodies in order. To do that we have had to change some of the things that we were doing and create some healthy habits. In doing so, we may have come into information overload. There is so much other there to learn and read that at times you feel like is it even worth it all. 

Things can become so overwhelming when you are trying to figure it all out that some days you want to give up. Trust me, I know how you feel. There have been plenty of days where I have wanted to give up and just say forget it all. Like why can't I just sit and eat cookies all day. Or even just eat burgers, fries and tacos. Why does it have to be all so bad. 

Here is a little secret, It isn't all bad. You can eat what you want when you want. You just have to show a little restraint and watch what you put in your mouth. The truth of it all is yes you can eat burgers and fries and tacos. Just don't get it from your local fast food joint. You can have turkey burger, sweet potato fries and chicken tacos and still be healthy. 

Yes these things are possible and I am here to help you realize that. And to help you get back on track here are some tips that will put you in  better place and keep it all so simple: 

5 Simple Changes to get healthy 

Strength Training 

Watch what you Eat (caloric deficit)

Cardio 3x a Week 

No alcohol 

Get Rest (6 - 8hrs)

There it is. Its really that simple. If you watch what you eat, get active, and get sleep you will be on your way to living your best HEALTHY Life!!!

How do you plan on getting started??

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