After a Junk Food Binge


We all have them, Hard Days. With all the responsibilities that we have some days we wonder how we made it in the first place. We have some difficult day, but the worst part is when those days turn into hard weeks. Then it becomes so hard to even keep afloat. So what do we do, we go on a junk food binge. 

It has happened to the best of us. We let the stress of the week really get to us and we just fall apart. And part of that falling apart process is eating whatever is on hand without thought to if we should or not. I mean we just had the most stressful week ever, why add the stress of eating right on that list. So we slip. 

Well the good news is that slip doesn't have to be a permanent decision and it doesn't have to cause you a guilt trip further making your stress levels even higher. We can correct some of the errors of our ways. 


                     8 Things to Eat After the Binge

Yogurt and Berries 


Green Tea 

Veggie Omelet


Ginger/ Peppermint Tea 

Water Rich Fruits 




What are some things have you binged on??

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