Gym Traps that are Holding You Back

So we have finally made it to the gym and we are killing it. Or so we think. See making it to the gym is half the battle. While we are at the gym we have to make sure that we are maximizing our time and getting the most out of our workout. 

We have to take our time not only to make sure that we are working on different areas of the body but making sure that we are working them out properly. I know you see the videos all the time about people using gym equipment incorrectly all the time. If you are anything like me you are laughing hard as ever at those people. The thing is, YOU DONT WANT TO BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. 

Lucky for you, each machine tells you exactly how to use them. Make sure to take the time to read exactly how to use the machine. If you fear people realizing you are a gym newbie, no to worry, not only are explanations short on how to use the machines but there are also pictures. So, you can do like I did when I find a new machine, I sit at it and then read where it kind of looks like I'm adjusting the machine. So basically I play if off LOL. 

Now, if the words don't make any sense, and the pictures just aint cutting it, you can always ask someone who works there. Each gym has personal trainers and other staff that is able to help you out in any way. Put them to work!!

So now that we have it all ready and set to go and we are killing it at the gym, there are still some traps that can easily get us and mess up our work out. Sometimes you dont even realize that these things are happening to you. It may not even be your fault. We dont always realize that we are doing these thing and setting ourselves up. Here are a couple of gym traps that are messing up your workout. 

6 Gym Traps 

Using your phone on the treadmill

Resting too long between sets

Not Warming up 

Using one Machine too long 

Gossiping and not working out 

Thinking about food during your workout


What have you been doing in the gym that is holding you back??

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