How to Stop the Binge Eating Habits

Everything has been going great with life. You are making it to the gym to get your workout on, you are eating healthy great foods, and you finally found a work life balance. So what do you do next. You celebrate with a cheat meal. But then it turns into a cheat day because you did so well. So why not treat yourself. 

The only problem is you can't stop. You have gotten a taste of all of your favorites that you promised you wouldn't eat again and you just can't stop. You're BINGE EATING. You have gotten a taste of bad and you just can't let it go. You are having chips, chocolates, all types of sweets and not to mention fast food. How did this happen ???

Don't get down on yourself. You are not the only one. Not only does this happen all the time to others, it has definitely happened a time or two to me. Everything will be going great. An amazing two weeks of crushing goals and then something happens that throws it all off. It could be something a small as making sure I packed lunch. But having to get a meal on the fly will throw me off my game. 

So I go from one bad meal to the next and here comes dessert. I just figure if I already messed up with lunch, which messed me up for dinner, I may as well have a nice dessert. The worst has yet to come because now I have started to binge eat foods that are doing nothing for my waist line. 

Not to fret. Just because I has happened once doesn't mean that we have to always fall to this. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Of course, we snap out of it and come back to our senses and we are back on track. But here are some tips to help make sure that we don't fall victim ever again:

How to Stop Binge Eating

Remove it from the house - if you don't have it in the house you don't have to worry about eating eat. Keeping your weaknesses out of arms reach means that you wont be tempting yourself and toying with your emotions 

Have some and Toss it - If you do fall to weakness and just have to have one of your favorite sweets, buy just enough to satisfy the craving. If you want some chips just buy a personal bag. Don't go all crazy and get the big bag. Make sure that you are buying enough just to get you through your crazing. 

Practice Makes Perfect - If you are going to make sure that you never fall again, you have to practice doing good. This is where self control comes in on our cheat meals. Yes it is OK to have a cheat meal every now and them. The key is to make it JUST A MEAL. This is where the self control comes in. 

Control Yourself - It's super tempting to be out with friends and family and watch them go crazy ordering and not do the same. But we have goals and those goals don't include eating like its going out of style. You may want to eat the apps just like everyone else but we know nothing good can come from that. So while you are out or even home for a night in, make sure to control what you are eating. 


What have you binged on lately

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