Workout Class Mistakes

I'm not even going to lie, I LOVE my workout classes. They make up a huge part of my cardio workout on a weekly basis. My local gym offers some type of class almost every day of the week (excluding Sundays). I, for the most part, take a class just about every day. I find the classes to be a great way to get a really good exercise in. Granted when you do the same thing over and over it can tend to get boring, but that is where the classes are different. 

I take various types of dance classes and a glutes and thighs class. For the most part each class is totally different. Yes there are some songs that get played over and over but there are always new songs and new dances to learn. I feel like they keep some consistent songs and dances so we don't feel totally lost and give up LOL. 

Even in my glutes and thighs class, yes we are working out the same area each class but there are so many different exercises to do that it is a total killer each week. And on a good note we also get to do some core workouts. That allows for some variety in the mix. 

Even though make sure I make it to my classes, I make sure to do some strength training before hand. I love to get the free weights going and get my arms as worked out as possible, I do a little light on the legs because I don't want to be too warn out when I get to the classes. One time I was all about the squat life and busted 100 squats and felt amazing until I got to class. My legs killed me so freaking much I could barely get the dance moves down. My feet were dragging and I couldn't do a thing about it but struggle through. I never made that mistake again LOL. 

While group exercise and work out classes are a great way to get in shape and burn off come pounds, there are some errors and mistakes that we make along the way. 

Workout Class Mistakes 

You always take the easiest option - you're not challenging yourself

You always take the hardest option - you're over do it 

You ride way to fast in spin class - you don't pay attention to the balance 

You don't focus on technique - sometimes less is MORE 

You have your "spot" for every class - you have to get out of your comfort zone 

You leave early during yoga - dead mans pose is the most important to lowering stress levels 

You keep your injuries a secret - making the instructor aware of injuries is very important

You don't grab heavy enough weights - you have to challenge yourself from time to time 


What workout class mistakes have you been making and how will you change

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