Workout Time Prep

So when out week is finally going as planned a wonderful things happens and we actually make it to the gym AS PLANNED. Those days do seem like a miracle. It seems like the stars have to align and the seas part for us to actually be able to make it to the gym as planned. 

Its seems like we wake up in the morning with every intention to go to the gym after work and get a much need workout in. I mean we pack a bag and bring snacks. What more do we have to do to SCREAM gym time???? Yet. everything falls apart during the day and by the time we actually get to leave our desk we are just mentally and physically exhausted so the gym is the last thing on our mind. So we promise ourselves that we are going to the gym tomorrow. 

And the next thing you know its the end of the week, the same set of gym clothes are sitting in our gym bag and we cant even being to tell you where the week has gone. Freaking A !!! 

So, when you actually get to leave to office on time and make it to the gym when we wanted to, it feels like a small celebration is in order. I know, I feel like there should at least be an announcement over the speaker system that I am in the BUILDING!!! I mean, it took a lot to make it. Those people don't know what I had to go through to get there. 

So now that we actually made it to the gym we want out workout to actually count and mean something. We want to go full throttle and burn through out work and leave feeling more than pumped and walk out super cocky with out chest out and looking like the dudes who are always on the free weights looking at themselves in the mirror. You know the ones that I'm taking about, just big for no reason. 

The way to achieve this is to make sure that we are giving our bodies exactly what it needs to not only get through the work out but make it home and not pass out as soon as we step foot through the door. 

To do this we have to make sure that we fuel our bodies before and after we workout. I'm not talking about that powder stuff that you shake like crazy and drink right before the workout. I'm taking about REAL fuel for your body. The type of fuel that actually comes from EATING. I know its a crazy concept but we actually have to eat every now and then. 

See the thing is, when you don't give your body the fuel it needs before the workout then you cant build the proper muscle needed. Then when you don't eat after the workout, any muscle that you did manage to build your body then feeds on itself breaking down said muscle. In essence, your workout was in vein and you are worst off then when you started. Sucks !!!

So to help you out. I have some up with a list of foods that you can eat BEFORE and AFTER you workout. 



Before the Workout 


Peanut Butter 

Granola Bar 

Dried Fruit 

Whole Wheat Toast 


Granola (loose)


After the Workout

Protein shake 



Cottage Cheese 

Greek Yogurt and Granola 

Lean Protein (boiled eggs, Chicken, Fish)

Vegetables and Quinoa



What will you be eating when you leave the Gym

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