Healthy Living Addictions

When you do things for long enough they become a HABIT. So we have to start creating healthy habits for ourselves to be successful in our transition into healthy living. This means that we aren't doing something once and saying job well done and never doing it again. What we have to do it find a new healthy thing we like and make an effort to do it on a CONSTANT basis so that it becomes a habit and they we do it without even trying. 

When I first made the transition into healthy living the hardest thing for me was turning down all the free food that my job was offering. Like seriously, how was i really expected to turn down FREE FOOD week after week. Talk about trying and living a total nightmare. 

The first time I said no, I felt good. I was on cloud nine. So when that free food came around again, I was like i can have some this time cause I said no last time. And it was down hill from there. By the fifth time of saying yes, I realized I had to go back to saying NO. Once I made the conscience effort to not only say NO to the free food that wasn't good for me but to bring my own food, it became so much easier. 

I said NO to the bad food so often, that others started to feel bad that I wasn't joining in. This is because they knew that I wasn't going to partake in the junk food eating. So they starting ordering healthier options so that I would eat with them. You see how the decision you make about your health start to have a positive impact on those around you !! Thumbs up to you on that *huge smile*

But once you start on the path its hard to break it. You create healthy habits and life starts to feel so much better. But there are some positive side effects ... here are some things you will get addicted to: 

Things you get addicted to

Talking like a fitness instructor 

Drinking water like its air

Waking up early 


Feeling sore after a work out 

Posting pictures of meals and workouts 

Tracking our steps 

Your blender 

Dance music 

What other things have you become addicted to since you started Living Healthy ??

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