Body Positive Affirmations

As we continue on our path of wellness and creating a healthy environment for ourselves, we need to talk about our perception of our body image. This is going to be a tough subject but one that we have to have. 

Its no secret that we are always hardest on ourselves. And not because we are to demanding of ourselves but more so because we aren't as FORGIVING of ourselves. When someone else makes an error we tell them that everything is going to be ok and they things well get better. We tell them everything they need to hear to make them feel better. So why is it we hardly ever do that to ourselves. 

When we mess something up or slip up on something we put ourselves down and we are so hard on ourselves. We even say negative things to ourselves. Things like that can really get in our heads and negatively affect us for days to come. We need to stop that and stop it now. 

The same goes for how we view ourselves when we look in the mirror. I will be the first to say that in the past, my reflection wasn't the thing that I wanted to see every morning. And walking past a full length mirror was a total nightmare to me. I such a negative self image. It was rough. I do so many things to make myself look pretty but never really feeling it on the inside. When I tell you a small compliment goes a long way. All it took was one time for someone to say something nice for me to change the way I thought about myself. 

That's cause it really made me think. I made me think, what is this person seeing in me that I just can't see in myself. Why did I even start believing that I was less than beautiful in the first place. I really had to sit by myself and do some DEEP reflection of how i viewed myself. Once I got myself together, there was no stopping me. My confidence shot through the roof and there was no stopping me. 

Now if anyone doesn't believe that I am anything less than BEAUTIFUL, I believe that its their loss in life and totally not my problem. I realized that my happiness and my beauty isn't defined by anyone else but ME. Not only do I control my happiness but I set my own standard of BEAUTY. Needless to say, I love walking pass a full length mirror and my selfie game is STRONG. 

But as simple as this sounds, it didn't happen over night. It took a good while to get where I am now, to be truly confident in myself. And I wont lie and say that everyday is easy. I may take six selfies and only like two and it isn't cause of the angles LOL. But I still remind myself daily that I ROCK!! 

If you need a little boost or a place to start, here are some body positive affirmations to get you there: 

Body Positive Affirmations

You're Bold, You're Beautiful, You're Brilliant

I am Timeless and Youthful 

I want to feel focused and calm

I love ___ about myself

Its only a thought, a thought that can be changed

I am going to make me proud

I am the beholder

I deserve to love myself, to feel confident and comfortable

I love the way I feel when I take care of myself 

I am made with diving intention, I am love, I am purpose

I am a superhero

I project my perception 

I was beautifully made this way 

I am grateful for all that I have and all that I can do

I am beautiful in every single way

What other body positive affirmations can you come up with

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