How to Beat the Craving



The one thing that people think of when they start to live a healthy lifestyle is all the things they have to give up. That's just not true. You don't really have to give a lot when you make the transition. I mean there are things that have to go like the fast food, processed foods, and pure junk. But there are some exceptions to the rule. 

Its no secret that you can't expect to live a healthy lifestyle and still going to the fast food drive thru every other day of the week. Its just not gonna work out. There are some things you can do to in your transition where you don't feel like you are giving up your life. 


As an example, if you are craving a juicy cheeseburger, make it with ground turkey instead of ground beef. You can even go a step further and make a mushroom burger (great recipe here). If you are craving some wonderful hot fries, you can make them with sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes. I'm not going to lie once I started eating sweet potatoes fries, I don't even think about the other ones. They are the best. 

There are many other alternatives that you can use so that you dont feel like your giving up so much when making the transition. But the fact remains that you are going to want a "cheat meal" and the cravings are still going to be there. Here are some steps to help you beat the craving. 

Steps to Beat a Craving

Dont deprive 

Pay Attention to your craving 

Eat less frequently 


find an alternative 

Distract yourself 

End the meal correctly 

Create a schedule 


What are some cravings that you are dealing with ... Let me know in the comments below 

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