Ways to Reset Your Diet

Things don't always go as we seem and we have to hit the RESET BUTTON. Its a part of life. Things happen and there is nothing that we can do about it. But there is not excuse to give up and throw in the towel. 

Our weeks don't go how we want them to and it can be so frustrating. Even more so we have been working out all month long, or for most of the month, more like a couple days of the week LOL, and we haven't lost the amount of weight we thought we should. 

That in itself can be the most frustrating things. That is when it time for a RESET. It is more than okay that things don't go as we plan them. The important part is that we made a PLAN. That we made a real effort to stick with the PLAN. 

What we have to do is remember what worked and tweek what didn't work. So if you made plans to work out in the morning and reality hit that you love to hit the snooze button, then we move the workouts to the evening time and see how that works for the upcoming week. 





Its all about making this work for out lifestyle. When making the transition into HEALTHY LIVING there is no one set way to do anything. Everyone is different and everyone's needs is different. 

One of my good friends LOVES her fitness videos so she can workout in her living room. I personally love hitting the gym and getting out of the house. We both have different methods, but we have the same GOAL in mind ... Getting Right, Getting Tight !!!

But we didn't get to these places overnight. It took some trail and error and we had to take our time to figure out what worked for our lives. 

But until you figure it out, you can definitely hit that REST BUTTON.





Ways to Reset Your Diet 

Get back to your routine 

Go Grocery shopping 

Prioritize Produce 

Don't reach for the remote 

Get rid of sugar

Keep water on hand

Get back to exercise

Kick your exercise up a notch 

Make sure to get sleep 

Boost your immune system 

Pay attention to your gut 

No alcohol 

Take some magnesium 

Take a rest day 

What are some things you can do to Reset your Diet

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