How to Cut Your Workout In HALF

So there is no getting around life. There is no way to pretend things don't exist because whether we want to do them or not they always come up and we have to deal with them. And these things take up TIME. Time is so very precious. Its something we can't get back, never have enough of, and always want MORE. We have six millions things to fit into 24 hours as well as sleep. Something close to IMPOSSIBLE. 

As we all know, adult life is hard. The funny part is when we were younger we wanted to be adults so bad. And now that we are adults, all we want to do is be kids and enjoy life. I just wish my parents would have told me that being an adult is hard. They could have given me the heads up you know. Just a little hint that paying bills, being social, smiling, working, being healthy, cooking meals, and just adulting in general is FREAKING HARD. 

I have been practicing at this adult thing for some time now, and still have challenges. TIME being the main one. There never seems to be enough time to get things done. And most days I barely crack the surface of my to do list. Work has been taking up so much of my time due to my work load just about tripling. This had made me come up with new and inventive ways to get things done quicker and more efficient. 

With this new "revelation" of time and efficiency, I figure I can put this to work in other areas of my life. Enter FITNESS. Granted you dont have to spend all day at the gym to see results. I real 30 - 45 minute workout 4 times a week will do the trick. Seriously. If you can put in 30 - 45 minutes of real workout time (no treadmill crap) you are good to go. That means weights, legs, core. But there are time when you don't really have that much time. Life gets rough. Or there are days when you only have 30 minutes and that is pushing it. 

For those of us that don't have much, here are some tips to help you make sure that when you get to the gym you are as efficient as possible. 

How to Cut Your Workout in Half 

Get Specific 


Cut down on rest time 

Increase your intensity 

Know your alternatives 

Keep it simple

Take a class

Try Tabata 

Do as many rounds as possible 

Exercise at home 

What are some other ways that you can cut your workout in half?? 

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