You're Healthier Than You Think

You eat Mindfully 

There are a ton of things going on in our day to day lives. We are being pulled in so many directions that is can be hard for us to keep up most days. And to make matters worst, no matter how hard we try, we can't make it to the gym and we eat on the go ... fast food. Its like no matter how hard we try, we just can't get a hold of things. Then frustration sets in and we feel like giving up. 

If this sounds familiar, not to fret, I know exactly how you feel. My job has become a the epitome of stress in my life. The amount of work that I have to do on a daily basis have tripled on a good day due to recent lay offs. Most days of the week all I want to do is go home and not see, talk to, or deal with people. 

You're Active 

Which means that other areas of my life have begun to lack. I can barely muster up the energy to make it to the gym and on days when I do it, I can't even promise that what I am eating is good. I know its a shame to admit it but I haven't lied to you before and I wont start now. 

I have learned that every day isn't going to be perfect and I need to accept that. Also, on days when I don't feel like working out, I remind myself that one more hour of being away from my bed isn't going to kill me LOL. That gives me what I need to press on. I'm still working on the eating part but I have gotten much better making sure that I'm not skipping meals.  

With everything that goes on in life, its SUPER easy to feel like you are failing in one aspect/area or another. But that's just not true at all. The fact that we are still getting up every day and TRYING means that we are ahead of the curve and making progress. Being healthy is measured in more ways than stepping on a scale. Here are some other ways to remind yourself that you are on the right track ...

Signs That You're Healthy 

You can handle emotional stress 

You're regular

Your urine is clear 

You have clear skin

You get a good nights sleep 

You're active

You rarely get sick 

You have good friends 

You eat mindfully 

You get a good nights sleep 


What are some other signs that you are healthier than you think 

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