What Happens When You Don't Drink Enough Water

As we already know, staying hydrated by drinking water is very important. Not just because your body is made up of mostly water. Water has a very important function in our body and it is key that we stay on top on of water intake each day. There is a great deal of emphasis put on fitness when it comes to make the lifestyle transition but we need to be putting the same amount of thought into our wellness as well.

One key part of making sure that our wellness is up to par is by making sure that we are properly hydrated from day to day. There are tons of things that people recommend from making sure to drink 8 glasses a day to challenging yourself to drink a gallon a day. Either way, water is IMPORTANT. And just to hit my point home, here are some things that happen when you don't drink enough water:

What Happens When You Don't Drink Enough Water

You feel hungry even when you are not - Its easy to mistake the grumblings of your stomach for wanting food. But the truth may be that you are dehydrated and are in need of a glass of water. This can also occur after a meal. Once you have finished and you still feel a little on the hungry side, it may just really be that you are thirsty and need to wash the food down. This will also help to fill you up. Even better is to have a glass before you start your meal. This way you will eat until your are satisfied as opposed until you are stuffed.

You feel distracted, confused or tired - Being dehydrated can do a number on your energy levels, making it very hard to get through the day and stay alert. This can be know as the mid day slump or daytime fatigue. Even worst, this can lead to mood changes and even anger.

You become constipated - Without getting too gross, being dehydrated can cause some backup issues in your digestive system. Just as much as you focus on getting fiber in your diet, we should be paying attention to the amount of water we get in our system. Fiber is needed to get the toxins out of out and the water is needed to flush them out of our system.  

You have skin irritations - When you aren't getting enough water in your diet it can start to show in your skin but things like dry patches or itchy skin. This can also show in constant break outs and even oiliness. Dehydrated skin is very different from dry skin. Dry skin lacks oil where as dehydrated skin lacks water.

You are at risk for heart attack - Water is necessary for the heart to function properly. When there isn't enough water is can cause some serious cardiovascular issues. Dehydration can constrict the blood vessels and make the blood thicker. This can cause your heart to work over time.

You can experience infection to vital organs - Your kidneys and water go hand in hand and need each other. Kidneys need water to regulate the body and flush out waste from your blood stream. If they aren't working properly you could end up with a bladder or urinary infection. Additionally, naturally occurring salt deposits can build up over time if your kidneys do not get the proper amount of water to break them down. In turn causing kidney stones. Which can be very painful.


What are some other things that have happened to you when don't drink enough water

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