Fight Against Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer awareness month. Breast cancer is something that has effected us all differently in different ways. There maybe someone you know that has dealt with it. Or you may even be a survivor yourself. This affects men, women, and children. Most importantly, Breast cancer can be found in both men and women, so we need to stay on top of things.

Making sure that you get your self checked on a regular basis is very important in the prevention of breast cancer. Self exams can be just what you need for early detection and prevention so that any sign of cancer does not become life threatening.

Some people feel that, what will happen will happen. That if they get breast cancer that’s just what was meant to be. This is not the case at all. Not only can you prevent cancer through check up, you can prevent it by the things you put in your body.

Here are a couple of foods that help against the fight in breast cancer.

Foods that Fight Breast Cancer










Soy Food

Orange Colored Foods


Green Tea 

Make sure to do all that you can to prevent the start and spread of cancer.

Laura CurryComment