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The holidays are HERE. And with that comes all the goodies and food. If you are anything like me, I just so happen to use the excuse “I only eat this once a year” or “I only eat this during the holidays”. In my mind, this seems totally like a real excuse.

But when making this excuse, what we don't realize is that even though we only eat certain foods one month out of the year, the amount of that food we take in is CRAZY. So here's an example. I only eat mac and cheese during the holidays. Its not that I don't know how to cook it or anything like that (cause I’m actually the one that makes it for the holidays), its just I live alone. So making a pan of mac and cheese would last me about two weeks. But the kicker is when I do may it for the holidays, I make at least two small pan or one large pan and every meal I pile it on my plate.

That's right, I go to TOWN!! I have me the time of my life eating mac and cheese. And every time that someone ask me about my pile of mac and cheese, I tell them “its ok, this is the only time of year I eat it”. Having this mindset does nothing for my waistline. NOTHING !!! Truthfully, having this mindset is terrible. It leads to overindulgence. Hence the pile of mac and cheese that I inhaled during Christmas. Lets not leave out the fact that I take to go plates LMAO!!!

I am admitting that this WAS a bad habit of mine. Granted at the time I didn't know it was a habit. My brother called me out. Like WTH. When someone is overeating you let them overeat in peace LOL. My brother was like “dang that's a lot of mac and cheese on your plate”. I was like “EWWW. I only eat this once a year”. His reply “you been saying that all weekend”. And just like that I was called out for overeating, over indulgence, and overall pigging out. Where do I go from here ????

I made the decision to ACTUALLY eat certain foods once a year, including once or twice that holiday. Making sure to keep the veggies on my plate. And definitely, Be HAPPY !!!

I did remember that keeping healthy foods in the house, others house, and around me in general will lead to me staying on track and out of food coma at night. So here are some foods that will keep your waistline cute:


Greek Yogurt




Leafy Greens

Fatty Fish



Nuts and Seeds


What foods have you been overeating during the holidays and making excuses for??

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