Cold and Flu Season

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We all know what the fall and winter season brings, COLD and FLU. When we work in close spaces to other people and closed of areas from fresh air, it is super easy to catch the germs of others. Sitting right next to someone who is coughing and sneezing for eight hours, there is a high probability that within 2-3 days you will be coughing and sneezing as well. Believe me, I have seen this happen over and over again. One person is sick on Monday and by Friday half the office is sick.

We are sitting in these offices with no fresh air and barely any ventilation breathing each others germs. I hate to be so blunt but all the Emergen-C and sanitizer in the world aint gonna help you. Big Facts. You have to protect yourself from the INSIDE. You have to build up your immune system so that when these people come coughing you don't have to worry one bit.

I promise you that I do not bother with any of that over the counter mess and I have yet to get sick with the COLD or FLU and definitely not because of office germs. I focus on my IMMUNE SYSTEM and making sure that I am protecting myself from outside pathogens and bacteria.

Here are some things that you can add to you pantry to help during cold and flu season:

Food to Combat a Cold

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Vitamin A Rich Foods

Cold Green Tea


Vitamin D Rich Foods



Soothing Teas

What other things would you stock the panty with??

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