Holiday Weight Gain

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While were living our best lives, our waist band was going crazy. We were out there enjoying life. Participating in family functions, going on vacations, and just laughing the days and nights away. Everything was great. The nights were longer and the love was stronger.

Then reality set in and we couldn’t fit into our favorite jeans, or shirts seemed a little snug and all of a sudden the person looking back us in the mirror seemed a little rounder. Who is that that we see?? Is that really me??

Yes it is you, yes that is me. We were living our best lives. Not caring on bit about the goals that we had set in the beginning of the year. Yea, believe me I stuck to them for along time and did a really good job. But then the holidays started. And we all know what happens during the holidays. ANYTHING GOES. And yaasss booboo it was going !!!

If you are still in denial, there may be some other things that sound a little more like you this holiday:

Why we Gained Weight Over the Holiday

We have a vacation mindset

We didn’t want to workout outdoors

Best drinks were high in calories

Company Parties

Stayed out later

Office Potlucks

Which habits were you guilty of this holiday season??

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