Dry January – 7 Tips for Success

The new trend for 2018 is start off the year with a DRY JANURARY. What this exactly means is not ALCOHOL FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH.

So, of you may be thinking that this is the craziest thing you have ever heard of. While others like myself say no big deal because I don’t drink anyway. For those of you that are in the first category, you can relax and stop freaking out. We all already know that consuming alcohol isn’t the best idea for a healthy life and not recommended for while making the transition into healthy living.

Without getting to preachy, consuming large amounts of alcohol can take a negative told on your body both inside and out. Inside it will cause damage to your vital organs and outside it simply ages you and slows down your basic motor functions.

There are some people that can go cold turkey and give it up without batting an eye (I was that person). Yet there are others that need to take it nice and slow and whine their selves off the stuff. For those people, I have come up with some tips to get you through the month. Here is a little secret – the amount of calories that are in most of the alcoholic drinks that are consumed is one of the main reasons that you are not making any progress with your weight loss even though you are hitting the gym multiples times a week and eating healthy.

I understand the appeal of having a drink after a hard day, happy hours with your co-workers, and the wonderful times of GIRLS NIGHT OUT. I know how boozed influenced they are and most of the time you don’t even have to buy your own drinks. I get that have a TALL glass of Wine after a stressful day while you enjoy your favorite bowl of pasta may seem like a look to give up in one shot, but fret not, WE WILL MAKE IT THROUGH.

So, let’s start slowly, we will do it for the month of January and see how it goes. We will use this month to test the waters and see how we may need to adjust going forward. So here are some tips to make the transition to aN ALCOHOL-FREE LIFESTYLE.

Tip for a Dry January

Take pleasure in making your non-alcoholic beverage

Get creative with your drinks

Pick foods that pair with the drinks that you are making

Stock up on seltzer – in different flavors

Try kombucha

Try hot decaffeinated drinks

Use an essential oil to help take the edge off

Let me know some other ideas that you have come up with to get through this DRY JANUARY ... Comment Below

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