Common Sleep Myths

Let’s talk about SLEEP. We all know there are some things that we believe but may not be all the way true when it comes to sleep. Everyone has their own way of getting to bed. And then there are things that we have picked up from the advice of others, like drinking a glass of warm milk. Well milk does work for some people, there are others like watching TV in bed that just don’t. Mainly being, because they aren’t true.

I once was a believer of watching TV in bed will help me fall asleep. But what I realized is that it was actually keeping me awake at night. This is because watching TV is a stimulus for the brain keeping it active and not in rest mode. Another myth is using your laptop to finish work or reading a book will help you fall asleep faster. Again, NOT TRUE. Two reasons, even a boring book will keep you up because you are wondering if it will not only finally get better, but you just want to know how it ends. The other reason is because you have started to work in your bed (being on your laptop) you now associate your bedroom with a work station and no longer about relaxing.

Of course, there are a ton of other things that we believe when it comes to our sleep, mostly are just a bunch of old wives tales. Even though we know they may not be real or any help we do them anyway, mainly because our mothers told us to LOL. I know that’s the reason I do most thing in my life, because my mother told me. And of course, my mother could never be wrong about anything LOL.

While I am not telling you to stop believing your mother, there are some myths about sleep we can stop doing or abiding by. Some things just aren’t true about sleep and I have come up with a short list to help you sleep a little better at night.

Common Sleep Myths

Alcohol Helps you sleep better

Lying in bed is just as good as sleeping

You should never wake a sleep walker

You can lose the ability to sleep

Spicy and Savory food with give you nightmares

Masturbation helps you sleep

Counting sheep helps you fall asleep

Napping means you’re lazy

You can make sleep up

Tell me any other ways that help you get to sleep in the comments

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