Mindset Change for 2018 - Part 1


Now that we are in the NEW YEAR, all you hear is everyone making resolutions of things that will take on. And of course, there is the annoying saying of “NEW YEAR, NEW ME”. Let’s be honest, most people who say that don’t change one bit. The saying has lost so much meaning because people talk a good talk but don’t follow up on any of it.

The good news is, that DOESN’T have to be you this year. Even better is that you don’t have fall short. Together we will CONQUOR this year taking names and kicking butt along the way. Before we get started with the year we need to get focus and let some things GO.


We can’t walk into the NEW YEAR with the same old baggage from 2017. We need to do a little unpacking. Unpack all of the negativity and doubt. We will replace that with tons of self-love and positivity. And to get you started and on the right foot for 2018 I have come up with a two-part series of some of the things that you can feel more that FREE to let go of as you enter 2018

19 Things to Let Go of in 2018

  1. Worrying about what will happen next
  2. The need to be in control of everything
  3. The idea of a “Perfect Life”
  4. The fear of the unknown
  5. Unhealthy Relationships
  6. Worrying about things you can’t change
  7. Clothing you haven’t warn in the longest
  8. The job you hate
  9. Overscheduling your life
  10. Comparing yourself to other people
  11. Placing your partner on a unrealistic pedestal
  12. Going small when you can go BIG
  13. Your insecurities
  14. A negative body image
  15. Fear of failure
  16. Clutter in your home
  17. Anyone or anything that doesn’t make you happy
  18. Jealousy
  19. Overindulging in unhealthy habits

Let me know the things that you are going to give up to start the year off right ... 

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