Healthy Habits Of Fit People

Know what you don't know - Find an Expert 

We are into the third week of this new year and its usually around this time we really start to reevaluate our goals. We had a ton of things that we wanted to do and take on but are no realizing that we can’t do it all in January. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. And neither were we. It took us years to create and stick with these bad habits to its actually going to take some real time get rid and change them. Don’t be so hard on yourself for one.

Make it Fun

Granted we will still be able to get those six pack abs but that may not be a realistic goal for January alone. We can indeed lay the foundation to promote getting some abs by like late February or March. Now that is a realistic goal if we keep up with the program and steps we laid for ourselves.

To make things even easier, sticking with our healthy living goals doesn’t have to be a task or a burden. We can remember to MAKE IT FUN. I have come up with a couple of tips to help you do just that. So, here rare some Healthy Habits that you can incorporate into your 2018 to help you reach your goals.

Healthy Habits for 2018

Make being healthy a lifestyle

Follow the 85/15 Rule 

Have FUN

Follow the 85/15 Rule

Make it competitive

Recover from a relapse

Know what you don’t know – Find and expert

Avoid analysis paralysis

Training Programs aren’t Weight Loss Programs


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