Dropping Pounds When You Don’t Have Time

Now that we have a real plan in place and we stopped calling them resolutions. When you finally get serious about things that you want to change in your life you call it a GOAL. Goals are something that you keep and work towards. You have milestones and even smaller goals that help you reach the big GOAL. You can make short term goals and have those lead to LONG TERM GOALS. The best part is that you have a plan in place.

Its nothing to shy away from if you have put on a couple of unwanted pounds over the holiday break. It happens to the best of us. We get in the gym and workout like crazy. We make sure we are eating good all for the love of that summer body. But then summer is over. We made so much progress that we didn’t want to see it all go to waste for one weekend on an island in a bikini. So, we keep up with the gym and the eating right. But what happens, the HOILDAYS. Its starts with the candy at Halloween that we said we weren’t gonna eat but just had a handful cause there was some left over. Then Thanksgiving hits us cause we haven’t had those foods in a long time. By the time Christmas rolls around all bets are off and we are going to pick it back up in the new year *sigh*.

Here the New Year is and time is slipping a ways through our fingers. So we take the time to get some plans in order and find something that we can really stick with. To help you out, I have come up with some tips to help you drop the pounds when you are short on time:

9 Tips to Drop Pounds When You Don’t Have Time

Be More Active


Healthy meal shortcuts

Set up a home gym

Get Fitness Tech savvy

Use social media for accountability

Eat more fiber

Work on stress levels

Reflect on priorities

Tell me the GOALS that you have come up with for 2018 ... Comment below

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