To completely make the lifestyle transition into a healthy lifestyle not only do you have to focus on health and fitness, but wellness as well. This is something that is often over looked. We pay so much attention to making sure that we are working out and eating right that we forget to take our mental and emotional health into consideration. We tend to forget our wellness. Admittedly, I have done the same thing one to many times.

So I have dedicated the monthly of July to focus on wellness. I am calling it the SELF – LOVE CHALLENGE. Every Friday during the month of July I will be giving you what I have done each day to promote SELF – LOVE. I will also be giving you the daily challenges for the upcoming week. I will be taking each day to focus on me and how to be the best version of ME that I can be. I 100% encourage you to do the same.

Day 1 – Let GO of what was bothering you last month.

Last month, I was having trouble in what felt like every aspect of my life. I felt like I was going round and round in circles and wasn’t getting a thing right. It felt like every conversation I was a part of turned into an argument. I wasn’t getting my words out right. I couldn’t get my ideas across to anyone. It was a total mess. I strived for control so much that I had lost it. So this month I am letting go of control. I am all about patience.

Day 2 – Let GO of ONE bad HABIT.

Just like most people, I don’t think I have any bad habits. Truth is with modern technology we get what we want when we want it. We have instant access to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. I have become a serious binger (not sure if that is a real word but hey). I binge like crazy which makes me LAZY. I need to learn to do things a certain pace and be happy with what I have at that moment in time.

Day 3 – Pick a day to just RELAX

This was a very easy task at first thought. The reality is relaxing is HARD. Then to add on top of that makes it even harder. But I was able to come up with a special day to just RELAX and relax I will do. 2 weeks to go to a day of relaxing

Day 4 – Do something that you have been putting off for a while

I have a jones to be creative. I need it in just about every aspect of my life. But I have become so busy with life itself that I don’t have time to let my creative juices flow. So from time to time I BINGE on a hobby. This month I will take my time a be creative day by day and let my creativity flow.

Day 5 – Spend 20 minutes outside

This seemed so easy at first thought, but in reality it was actually a difficult task. With everything that I had planned for my day the back and forth from work and the gym taking 20 minutes was a harder task than thought. But I was able to take some time late afternoon to just be alone and take some time for myself.

Day 6 – Do one thing that makes you feel at peace


This was the easiest of task that I have some across. The thing that makes me feel most at peace is doing yoga. And the best part of this day’s task is that I planned on adding yoga more to my exercise routine.

Day 7 – Declutter your life

What a wonderful treat that this landed on a Friday. It makes this so easy to complete. At work I plan on cleaning off my desk and getting rid of any junk that is taking up unnecessary space. At home I will clean my house from top to bottom and finally tackle my desk that is in need of some serious attention.


Next Week's Daily Challenges:

Day 8: Clean out your bed room (rearrange it or redecorate it)

Day 9: Re-read a favorite book

Day 10: Begin a good habit

Day 11: Write out all of your feelings for the day

Day 12: Be open to forgiveness

Day 13: Ask for advice on something you have been struggling with

Day 14: Take a bubble bath or a long shower


Share your daily challenges below and how it made you feel to do each of them.

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