9 Ways to Destress Your Life

Plan a Vacation

With everything that has happened the past couple of days all I want to do is stay home under the covers and binge watch Netflix. I have made it no secret that I have a binge watching habit. Things have been so hectic and crazy that I would like to add ice cream and fresh baked cookies to the mix. Yes, last week was that crazy. To the point I just wanted to hide cause I couldn't take it anymore.

As we know, NONE of that was an option. I am participating in this thing called ADULTHOOD. I'm not really sure when I signed up to be an adult exactly, it may have been when I went away to college that was a confusing time, but I'm knee deep in it and there is no turning back. I have to get up for work each morning and pay bills I don't want to just to make it from day to day.

Get Creative

My dream day would consist of me leaving home, going to work, heading to the gym, and going back home. This is what I consider a good day. Now if I didn't have to go to work then it would be a PERFECT day, but I don't have the luxury as of yet. I did say YET, its coming. I leave my house each morning with dreams of a good day. Somewhere along the way all that changes. EVERYDAY !!!

I get hit from left and right with all types of foolishness that I never saw coming. All of last week all I could do was hold my head and wonder to myself "How did I get involved in this". I truly did not remember signing up for all the text messages and phones calls that came my way. By Wednesday, I was completely stress out and was completely out of my mind.

With all the things that I was going through I was very happy for the SELF-LOVE CHALLENGE. But truthfully last week, most days I needed more than one act of SELF-LOVE, I needed to bathe in it, soak in it, and fully immerse myself in LOVE. I needed it poured all over me like something out of strange music video.

Find a hobby or two

 None of that was an option *side eye*. So I went with the next best things. I did some research and came up with some ways to make sure that I was able to bring down my stress levels and best of all keep them down. I am in no rush to ever feel that emotionally, physically, and mentally drained again.

My biggest question was how did it all happen. I had been practicing SELF-LOVE all month, I had been keeping a peaceful mindset about everything, had some great meal options that I shared, and was killing my workout game (shameless plug of my latest IG pics). So how did I wind up with so much drama and stress? So to stay away from those feelings, I present to you ways to de-stress if you find yourself in a crazy situation.

Appreciate the Little Things

9 Ways to De-stress Your Life

  1. Trash the multitask mentality
  2. Find a funny friend
  3. Get Creative
  4. Get a Hobby or two
  5. Appreciate the Little Things
  6. Listen to Music
  7. Plan a VACATION
  8. Sing your heart out
  9. Meditate

What will you be adding to your day to help with your stress? What things can you add to your week to make it more PEACEFUL ?? Let me know in the comments below.

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