This has been another beautiful week to boast about. The weather has been wonderful and life really seems to be taking off. I would love to think that all these things that I have been doing to instill some self-love has had something to do with it. I am really Loving this whole self-love thing. So much so that I’m not letting it go.

So, let’s get right to it:

Day 22: Make sure not to over think things

Overthinking is who I am 100%. My mind has a way of going crazy in .03 seconds. I try not to be these thoughts just seem to get the best of me most days of the week. This was a real challenge for me. But once I got the hang of it to just let things be and not stress, I was as cool as the other side of the pillow.  

Day 23: Listen to your favorite music, put on a concert, and dance the day away.

Today was another one of those easy days. I have Pandora on my DVD player. So I turned on Pandora turned the volume up, got a brush/mic, and had some fun in the hallway mirror. Not to toot my own horn but it was a sold out concert standing room only. The crowd went crazy and I did an encore performance. Gotta give the people what they want.

Day 24: Make sure to step out of your comfort zone

I stepped out my comfort zone and made some new friends. No one believes me but I am a very shy person. So I sparked up some convos with some unfamiliar faces and it worked out.

Day 25: Get a massage

This was the best thing that I could think of. After working out the only thing that I ever want is a massage. So I was more than happy when this day came along.

Day 26: Do a random act of kindness

My random act of kindness was helping out a friend before they asked. I knew the need was there and figured why not just offer the help before they have to ask, whether it be me or someone else. I think it brought us closer together.

Day 27: Look in the mirror and give yourself some self-love

Now I have gotten in the habit of doing this just about every morning as I get ready for my day but today I decided to give a little extra of the YOU GO GIRL!!!

Day 28: Get outside and sweat it out

I am no stranger to get my work out on but because of the weather I have been doing it inside. So as a wonderful treat and hoping the weather keeps on the good side (it did rain for a while yesterday) I plan to go for a nice power walk this evening to get my sweat on like none other.


With only a couple days left in the month, I will go ahead and tell you what I have planned for the last few since we won’t make it to Friday.

Day 29: What a show/movie that makes you laugh

My favorite movies that make me laugh like none other is the Ace Ventura Pet Detective movies. These movies are HILARIOUS to me. I have them both and guess what I will be watching LOL.

Day 30: Do something to pamper yourself

There is nothing better to do on a Sunday than soak in the tub and relax your body. But I am going to kick it up a notch and have some fresh baked cookies to really unwind. Relaxing in style

Day 31: Make a self-love plan for next month

Next month I plan to continue to keep up with the self-love. It has been a wonderful experience. Even if its just one task or a couple of minutes I plan on taking more time for myself. Just something where I can truly relax doing. Having a “selfish” moment to appreciate me has been amazing and I don’t what to let that go. So I will be repeating a lot of what has already been done but going even bigger with it.

How has this last week of Self-Love been treating you? What are some things you really loved doing? What will you be continuing into the month of August? Let me know in the comments below.


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