8 way to drop the last 10 Pounds

Make a plan

I have been kicking butt with my workout this month. I mean I have really kicked it up to high gear and have been getting it in like crazy. I have been on my grind making sure to set a good example and to show that I am not just all talk. At the end of last month I searched all the class that my gym had to offer. I made sure that the classes were on days and times that I could actually attend and I had an interest in. There is no point going to a class that I don’t care for or that is an inconvenience to my life.

Meaning that the times of the classes doesn’t conflict what anything that I’m already doing. Cause there was no point trying to start a class and then having to choose between the class and something else. That means something has to fall by the waist side and doesn’t get my full attention.

Please understand that looking up classes at the gym you attend isn’t hard at all. There is usually a sheet of paper or board that has all the classes or you can view them online weekly. Look at what they offer the time they offer it and of course you know your schedule and obligations already. It’s that simple.

Change Frequency

Once I did that, I have been able to add four NEW workout classes to my exercise routine. This in turn kicked it up to me working out 2 hours per day five days a week. I am determined. I start with the weights and strength training and then hit one of the cardio classes during the week. On the Saturdays I start the morning with insanity followed by a cardio class. I like the idea of a cardio class better than using a cardio machine. You get the whole body involved during a class and it’s a ton of fun to say the least.

I have been kicking butt in these classes all month long. Sweating it out and taking name. I went from being shy and dancing in the back to FRONT row, up close and personal with the mirror. I don’t know what gets into me most days, because I really be showing out LOL. But life seemed to be good. The more I worked out the more progress I felt like I was making. The weights got lighter and I upped them week after week. I started recording videos for Instagram. I was really feeling myself.

Then one day, I felt I had hit a wall. There seemed like there was no progress. I went to open a jar and I couldn’t. I know something so small as opening a jar knocked me off my game. Honestly, it was real setback for me. I had been so strong in all these other areas, yet here I am can’t get a simple jar open. It was like my whole world had turned upside down.

Change Workout Time

Yes I did let this get me down for about a day or so. Then I remembered that for some strange reason that one jar that I couldn’t get opened, like three other men couldn’t open it either. Seriously, I had brought the same product before and had to ask about 3 different men to open it and only the last one could. Which made me remember why I stopped buying that product in the first place. I don’t have the time to be chasing dudes around to get a jar opened LOL. Once I remembered that is was the jar’s fault and not the fact that I was a weakling, I was able to get back on track.

I bring that up because in a lot of cases with people I have spoken with it can be something as small as that that gets them off track. Something so small as the progress they thought they were making gets tested and they are totally thrown off. They no longer feel like they are making any progress at all and give up. They have seen some picture or read some post about how someone dropped 20 lbs in one week and now they feel like all the effort they put in was for nothing.

This just isn’t the case. As we know, all that stuff isn’t real. It’s all made up to get you to buy that product. Even if you starve yourself you won’t lose that amount of weight in week. Not possible at all. So let’s stay the natural course and the on the correct path. So, to keep in line with all that we have been talking about all month, dropping pounds, here are some tips to help you drop them annoying last ten pounds.

How to drop the last 10 Pounds

  1. Change workout time
  2. Make a plan
  3. Change frequency
  4. Lose water weight
  5. Check you calories
  6. Get Sleep
  7. Check your medications
  8. Move more

How will you add these things to your week? What can you incorporate in your day today? What new plans do you have in mind? Let me know in the comments below ...

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