Week three was a wonderful one. I was able to really take some time to myself and get some self-love in. I am really getting the hang of this self-love thing.

So, let’s get right to it:

Day 15: Treat yourself to a small gift that you have been eyeing (under $10)

Being able to treat myself was indeed a wonderful treat, but what to get. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Something so small that I wanted for so long. Something that reminded me of happiness and all things good in the world. I got myself fragrances. Warmer wax to be exact. Smell is an important part of our lives. And there was a little sale so I got more than expected.

Day 16: Have a movie night with treats and popcorn

As you all know at this point I love to binge watch. So, a night a Netflix and chill was easy and simple. But the key this time around was to watch one movie and to have some special additives. But then I thought. Why not actually go to the movies? I hadn’t been in so long. That would be a real treat and some serious self-love. So, I took myself on a date to the movies. Saw Wonder Woman and got some Reese’s Pieces and some popcorn. I was in heaven.   

Day 17: Wear your favorite outfit that makes you feel your best

This was easy peesy. I love to get all dolled up and look like I can take over the world. So to show off some self-love and still feeling like I could run the world after watching Wonder Woman, I got glammed. I put on my red pencil skirt with the gold belt and a blue blouse, some sexy heels, some make up, and I strutted out the door ready for the day.

Day 18: Find a new self-improving app that will encourage self-love

This wasn’t as easy as I thought, to find an app that actually helps you, you need to know that the app is about. So I took my time and found one that I would actually use and help me become a better me. I read through the reviews of a lot of apps and was able to find on that I would actually use and help me. I chose Remente. It’s a wonderful self-love/self-help app.

Day 19: Make plans with a friend you haven’t seen in a while

This wasn’t difficult at all. I live in FL and most of my friends live in NY. So we planned a GIRLS TRIP. I can’t wait for all the fun we have in store.

Day 20: Treat yourself to your favorite dessert

I love more than anything is a fresh batch of cookies. The best part is I know how to make just a couple that I can eat while watching my favorite show. Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

Day 21: It's time for some aromatherapy, get yourself something new that smells nice

There is no better treat than some new candles that make your house smell like anywhere or anything that you what. So I headed over to Bath and Body Works to get me something nice. On top of it, I was able to get some new bath products. Aromatherapy while you bathe is important as well.

Next Week’s Daily Challenge:

Day 22: Make sure not to over think things

Day 23: Listen to your favorite music, put on a concert, and dance the day away.

Day 24: Make sure to step out of your comfort zone

Day 25: Get a massage.

Day 26: Do a random act of kindness

Day 27: Look in the mirror and give yourself some self-love

Day 28: Get outside and sweat it out.

How did you week 3 go? What were some of the high points? What where your favorite days? Let me know in the comments below. 

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