I Drank a Gallon of Water each day for a week

On the flip side of giving up coffee, it was also time for me to take something on. Now this was something that I could do and easily. I had it all planned out and ready to go. I was going to drink a gallon of water a day for a week. I had always wanted to do this and there was no time like the present. So, Water it was.

Don’t get me wrong, I do drink water on a regular basis. I have a big gulp cup that I use at home, I keep a water bottle in my gym bag, and I keep various water bottles at my desk at work. I am constantly surrounded by water. There is nothing better to quench your thirst than water. I LOVE water.

Now even though I am constantly drinking water, the challenge was making sure that I got a gallon in a day. Being the person that I am, I went to google for the answers. I needed to get come conversion charts going. I figured that I could use what I already had on had to make sure I was taking in the right amount each day. Like I said I had water bottles already, So why not just use them. I got my conversions down and all I had to do was drink onwe of this and two of that and I was good to go. Or so I thought.

Once again Monday rolls up, Monday’s really need to find a hobby if you ask me. Even though I’m not really a fan of Monday’s, I was ready for the day. I had done all the prep work needed to make sure that my Monday was as smooth as can be. I even had a glass of water in the morning while getting ready for work. I was on top of my game. Take that Monday. I got to work and made sure that my bottle was filled so that I had no excuses. Now because I was giving up coffee for the week, I was drinking tea. And as we all know, tea is made with water. So, I was able to add that to my water count for the day. Take that.

This was seeming as easy as pie. I knew exactly what I had to do, I know what counted towards my water intake, I was even tempted to create a nice little worksheet to help me organize and keep track of everything (at this point I’m sure you all know I’m crazy about organization and planners LOL). So how did this all go wrong. Oh, so very wrong.

To be honest, I’m not even sure I got in a gallon of water my first day out the gate. I know, how did I manage to mess up that much. Not even first day was a success. Like really. Maybe I got too boastful after that cup of tea? Maybe I got way ahead of myself in thinking I could take this on? Maybe I wasn’t as prepared as I thought? I can’t even pin point where I went wrong.

The tea was great, lemon grass with a little bit of honey. Got in a good 16 ounces quick and easy. Then the meeting happened. Everyone needed me for something, so it was one sec please, can I borrow you, and I just need you for a minute. By the time 2pm rolled around, I realized I didn’t even drink from my bottle once. Which made me think that the last time I had a beverage was the lemon grass tea. What was going on?

I wasn’t going to let that get me down, it was only 2pm I had the rest of the day to make it up. I didn't let it mess with my head. I had 24 hours to drink one gallon of water. It still wasn’t a hard task. I had this. So how did I fail so miserably?

Well for starters, I forgot my water bottle for the gym. At first it didn’t seem so bad cause there are still water fountains. But the reality of trying to work out and constantly running to the water fountain is the worst. To make matters even worse, I had a cardio class that I was taking as well. Not having a water bottle for that class was the worst thing that I could have done to myself. My day turned out to be a total fail. So now it’s like 9pm and I may have drunk close to 2 liters of water and that’s generously rounding up.

I told myself, tomorrow is a new day. A new start. A chance to make everything right. I was determined to do just that. I got everything prepared as usual and felt like I could conquer the day. Started my day with a nice cup of lemon grass tea and a little honey, that counted towards my water intake for the day. I was off to a good start. I was even able to get some water in before breakfast. I really felt like I had a handle on things. Things were really starting to look up. Lunch came and I had some water with lunch. Oh, yea I was determined this time.

Yet here comes the late afternoon and what would you know, I’m still on the same one bottle of water. What the heck was going on with me? Here it was late afternoon and I’m still trying to get down a 1.5-liter bottle of water. I had never had this problem before. I took to water like a fish any other day. Why was it so hard for me to drink water?

I still wasn’t going to let the fails of the morning and afternoon get me down. I still have a bunch of hours to make things right. I still had time to come out on top. Plus, it was time to work out and of course I’m going to drink a ton of water. Then I realized I don’t have my freaking water bottle again. How could I let this happen AGAIN? I messed up again. So, it was back the fountain. I can’t track water using a water fountain.

To be honest, the week never got better for me. The rest of the week I made sure to bring my water bottle for the gym and working out, but that was only two hours of my day. The beginning eight while I was at work I could barely remember to down the 1.5-liter bottle that I had at my desk. It was a crazy week that kept me on the constant move. Granted that’s no excuse because I could walk with my bottle. But for whatever reason I couldn’t get the bottle empty for the life of me.

In hindsight, I realized that the best bet was to go out and actually by a gallon of water. Use that bottle and just refill it each day. The thing is to always have it present. See, I didn’t need to be drinking straight from the gallon bottle, I could use it to fill up my cup during the day. I was so pressed on not wanting to be bothered lugging around a gallon bottle that I messed my progress up totally.

I am not giving up. I will drink a gallon of water a day for a week. This just wasn’t my week. So, now that I know my weak points, I can turn them into my strengths. So whose going with me to the store to get a gallon of water???

What things have you taken on for a week? How did it go? Where you successful? Let me know in the comments.

Laura CurryComment