Tracking What I Ate Made a Big Difference

The things that we eat have a huge effect on our bodies. Some cases its allergic reactions. Some cases its bloating. Sometimes it’s a crazy break out. If you are like me you suffer from all of these things. I have to watch just about everything that I eat. Now I will admit that at first this was a true pain in the back side. It seemed like no matter what I ate I was bloating and having some type of allergic reaction. And it felt like no matter what I stopped eating I was suffering from the same thing. I even made appointments to take allergy test to “get to the root of the issue”. I was serious. But truthfully that didn’t even help. The things I were allergic to had no effect on me and the things that were fine in life sometimes caused issues and sometimes didn’t. I was a confused mess. But I had to make a change and I had to start from somewhere.

That start was really paying attention to what I was eating. Hence a food journal was BORN. A food journal means accountability and that meant answers. Now this wasn’t my basic food journal where I write down what I eat at the various times. This one was a little more detailed. Not only did I write down what I ate but I wrote down, when I ate it where I ate it and what I was feeling.  Answers to what was really going on with my health and most importantly my skin. Those allergic reactions loved to show up on my face and arms, the worst places of all. With my food journal I was able to see exactly what I was eating and how it was affecting my mood and life.

This was very helpful. I kept the journal for just over two weeks (to really track what was going on). I got to see just what it was that was really going on. See it on paper with my moods was a smack in the face. I was able to see all the things that were giving me reactions almost immediately, I was just foolish and ignoring them until it become too much to bear. The saying is “when you know better you do better” and that is exactly what happened. I left junk foods and processed foods along. I stopped hitting the drive thru and starting walking up to the stove. That along with eating fresh foods and veggies, I began to see a big difference.  

Not only do I have to watch what I eat to not add to the issues of everyday life but I have the pleasure of having naturally oily skin. So to help me out in my day to day life, I have found some food that will do the trick and keep the natural oils away:

Foods For Oily Skin

  1. Beets
  2. Blueberries
  3. Pineapples
  4. Salmon
  5. Cold pressed oil
  6. Chia Seeds

Click here to download a copy of the food journal below.

My Food Journal - Tracking what I ate made a huge difference

My Food Journal - Tracking what I ate made a huge difference