What We Eating

Inadvertently, the theme of the week seems to be food prep. I would love to say that I have this grand scheme and structured a plan that put everything into place, but that’s just not the truth. I draw inspiration from my day to day life, the conversations I have and the articles that I read online. It just so happened that all the articles I came across and the notes that I had handy were about food prepping.

Food prep to some is the hardest part of the transformation of the lifestyle change, but if we think about it with a positive spin, it can be the most rewarding. There is a certain sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing all those containers nicely lined up on the counter with all your food even portioned out *sigh of relief*. I for one have many social media post of my meal prep alone.

It’s not the daunting task that we are lead to believe. On top of which, there are many ways to make meal prep as easy as pie. First you want write down the meals that you want to cook for the week. I would stick to making 2 different meals for the week and I definitely wouldn’t prepare more than 3. When you get into making too many different meals (for variety) that’s when you wear yourselves out and create stress and hardship. Then you want to make a list of all the food you will need. Write down EVERYTHING. I have realized the more detailed the better. Write them all down and then before you leave for the store, take an inventory of your home, this way you don’t spend money on things you already have. I use my trusty check box system. Once you get back to the house its GO TIME . I would recommend doing all your prep work for your meals at once, this includes and chopping and cutting that may be needed. If you’re a master of your kitchen, jump in and cook both meals at once. If you’re new to the game, cook one meal and then the other. There is no rush to cooking; you want meals that are fully cooked so you don’t have to worry about illness later on during the week. It would be a good idea to actually plan and set time aside for meal prep, maybe 2 or 3 hrs. As you get the hang of it, it will not take as long.

Once everything is cooked and ready to go, go to town with your camera and the flash, pictures are all about the angles LOL. Make sure to leave your food out until they are fully cooled before putting them in the refrigerator (food born bacteria is created by putting food away that is still hot). Granted there are many other ways to do your meal prep, but for those that are new, I wanted to offer a starting point that you can tweak and make your own. While you are getting your recipes together and figuring out your meals for the week, here are some healthy snacks to add to the grocery list: Healthy Snacks Greek YogurtAlmond Butter PistachiosHard boiled Eggs Walnuts Apricots Cottage CheeseTurkey jerkyKale Chips BananasStrawberriesEdamame Grapes Pumpkin seedsDark chocolate The same goes for any meal or snack that we consider for the day, PORTION IS KEY. If there any questions you have to topics you want me to cover, drop me a line.

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