We Back on Track

It has been a long time coming and most of the days feel like they would never end. There have been a lot of ups and downs during the past couple of weeks but through it all I maintained my promise to myself. I have not let anything or anyone get me off my game. Trust me there were a ton of things and people that tried their hardest to make me fail but I stayed STRONG.

The attempted setbacks have made me realize that personally I’m in a great place. Making this LIFESTYLE change has done wonders for me in more aspects than just my health. All the positive changes that I have made have given me a better outlook on life and given me vigor for all things positive.

Even though I have taken some time off to blog, I haven’t taken time off from working with clients and helping others start and maintain their positive lifestyle changes. I have been continuing with my research and learning. Meeting with new and different people has given me so much information to share with all of you. Most of the conversations that I have been apart of is where to start and making sure not to get thing off on the wrong foot.

I have realized that we spend so much time focused on all the things that may go wrong or that we can do wrong, that we forget to focus on what we have done right and what we are doing correct. But they are some serious concerns to say the least. So to put some worry to rest I have some simple breakfast mistakes that we make and may not realize we are making:

Breakfast Mistakes we Make:

  1. You overload on smoothies
  2. Your meal is too skimpy
  3. You eat cereal with small flakes
  4. You opt for butter over peanut butter
  5. You wait too long to eat
  6. You grab and go
  7. You eat instant oatmeal
  8. You eat too much cereal
  9. You opt for skim milk
  10. You use sweetened nondairy milk
  11. You don’t eat enough protein or healthy fats
  12. You drink coffee first
  13. You think coffee is calorie free

What are some of your wins?? Comment below. 

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