Stress Be Gone

Life has a way of weighing us down on a regular basis. Work, Family, friends and just life in general. It all has a way of making us want to tear out hair out or screaming at the top of our lungs “LEAVE ME ALONE”, or is this just me ???? I do find it hard to tell people “no”. Even if I don’t have the time to help because I have so much already going, I still will tell a person sure I will help out or sure I will do you a favor.

This is indeed a bad habit that I am fully aware of, yet I do nothing about. I just feel that if a person comes to me to ask for a “favor” it’s because they really believe that out ALL the other people that they know I’m the one that is the best for the job. Or this is at least what I tell myself as I stress out because for the X day in a row I have yet to do what I need because I have helped yet another person *stressed out face*. I know that more often than I not, I need to focus a little more on myself because if I’m not at the top of my game I’m useless to others.

With the IDEA of New Year New Goals (we don’t do resolution *side eye*) and getting in line with a healthier LIFESTYLE CHANGE, I need to learn how to not only say NO but to relive some STRESS. Ideally I would love to just stay home and take some time to myself to unwind for days at a time, but this is more than unrealistic. So because I still need to be an active participant in society, I have found some foods (that can be eaten from breakfast to dinner) to add to my regime that will promote a stress free life and goes further than bubble baths and candles:

Stress Relief

  1. Orange Juice
  2. Oatmeal
  3. Salmon
  4. Asparagus
  5. Oysters
  6. Pistachios
  7. Cannellini Beans
  8. Dark Chocolate

What are some things that you have implemented in your life to help with stress? I need some more ideas. Comment Below.

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