Progress Ahead

With all the changes that we are making on a daily basis to living a healthier lifestyle and making sure we are successful during our transformation,  it’s easy to want to take a short cut or two, or three. There is a lot that goes into making the lifestyle change because hey it’s your LIFESTYLE that needs to change. By no means is this easy. Each week we think we have it all figured out and then something happens. They key is being able to make the adjustments that still coincide with our lifestyle. It’s also a part of looking at the glass half full instead of feeling defeated about the “monkey wrench” that was thrown in our plans.

There are plenty of fads out there that make the lifestyle change seem so easy. From the Thin teas to the detox cleanses, it’s hard not to fall for the trap. Yes, believe me it’s all a trap to make you think there is an easy way out. Now don’t get to sad but there is no easy way out. These bad eating habits that we have didn’t happen overnight and they won’t go away that fast either. They take time and most importantly EFFORT. Its takes us finding out what does and doesn’t work for our lifestyle for us to get it right.

I know that for me meal prep has to be done on Saturday. If I don’t do it on Saturday then I’m messed up and all hope is lost. And of course you’re thinking why not just do it on Sunday then. That’s because Sunday it takes everything in me to get off the sofa LOL. This has been tried and tested and I have found that Saturday has to be my meal prep day. Truthfully, I use Sunday as a backup day for everything that I didn’t get done on Saturday and to get ready with EVERYTHING else for the week. So I if add meal prep to the mix, I wind up rushing and something(s) just don’t get done.

Granted there are no short cuts to getting on the right track and it does take work. There are some things that we can add to our life to make the transition just a bit easier on us. When you feel you need a boost in your metabolism or just need to hit reset on your internal system ( I know I feel that way often) here are some simple things you can add to help out.

Give your Metabolism a boost:

  1. Green Tea
  2. Grapefruit
  3. Greek Yogurt
  4. Cold Water
  5. Spicy Food

Daily, I have been drinking green tea (which goes towards your daily water intake), eating Greek yogurt for a snack, and drinking water. I try to incorporate some spicy food whenever the option is available. These small changes have a big overall impact.

What are you going to add to you day? Comment Below. 

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