Oops I Did It Again

It’s still early in the week, but I will take the time to congratulate myself on a job well done. Small progress is still PROGRESS. When we can bounce back and make adjustments from things thrown at us out of our control that still counts as progress to give yourself a pat on the back. It’s very important to celebrate all milestones that we achieve, to make sure that above all we are encouraging ourselves. Celebrating doesn’t mean a cheat meal by any means. We can celebrate with a gift to ourselves.

Buying a pair of sneaker or shoes, a new piece of workout equipment, some new headphones, any of these things are positive reinforcements that help us towards our goals. The best way to do this is set your sights on an outfit that in your target size (realistically a size or two smaller). Once you have put in the time and effort and drop those pounds, buy the outfit. Nothing is more rewarding than dancing in the mirror because you finally fit into those pair of jeans you have been eyeing for the longest.


Remembering there are no short cuts in this process, because it is a PROCESS, I wanted to help with some of the pitfall that comes along with swapping out “bad” foods for good ones. Now all carbs aren't bad carbs. It is very easy to see something online or on TV and think it’s the next big thing that we need to jump on. I have fallen victim to this in the past. I confess, I did by some thin teas when they were on sale, don’t judge me. Here are some things to look out for when we are planning our meals:

Replacement Mishaps

  1. Choosing a shake that doesn’t taste good – disgusting doesn’t mean better for you
  2. Eating more than a meal – make sure to pay attention to you portion sizes, too much protein isn’t good for you
  3. Forgetting hunger blockers – having a protein shake or taking supplements is a good way to stop the hunger pains
  4. Diving in without a plan – winging it is no longer an option. Start your journal and get to meal prepping
  5. Too many calories – making sure you keep your calories with a certain range is very important to maintain a healthy weight
  6. Picking one you can’t afford – system diets are all and good until the bill comes. Make sure you are following a plan that works for your budget. Nothing beats a home cooked meal.
  7. Not getting a meal replacement – we spend a lot of time on the go have, skipping a meal is not an option
  8. Not reading the label – knowing what your food contains is very important to the process.

What will you be working on?? Comment Below.

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