Forward Motion

Most of the time we think either Sunday or Monday means a “new start”. As if magically either day we get to hit a reset button and the things of the past are going to disappear and we get to start all over again. Well, sadly this is not the case. Life isn’t a video game where we can reset and start all over again. The actions that we once did will continue to play out and whether good or bad we have to deal with them. But the silver lining is if we don’t like something we can CHANGE. So we don’t have to wait to Sunday or Monday to reset. Each morning we wake up is a brand new start to get things on the right path. Monday doesn’t have to be such a bad word.

If we mess up on a Wednesday we don’t have to let that mistake play out for the rest of the week. Thursday when we wake up we can fix our mistake and get back on the right path. So if you happened to fall to temptation during the week, don’t beat yourself up about it until the weekend. The next day make sure to pay closer attention to any triggers that may have lead you down the path of temptation or made it just that much easier to fall for the box of chocolates.

I know you’re probably tired it hearing me talk about journals and recording things down, but it’s a very important step in your transformation process, especially in the beginning. Not only to keep us on track to achieving our goals but also to help us pay attention to triggers that may be getting in the way. When writing down the things that you’re eating in your food journal, it’s a good idea to write down your feelings throughout the day.

This way if you have a unhealthy snack, like a big bag of chip, and notice that you always have chips after dealing with a certain task that is causing you stress, you can figure out another way to deal with the task and the related stress. Most of the time our “bad” eating habits can be linked to an emotion/mood and probably a task that’s causing those feelings. For me, I was a huge emotional eater. Bad days I was eating everything in sight, stressful days I would have too many snacks, lazy days here comes the fast food. My emotions ruled my life. But taking the time to recognize what was triggering these emotions, leading me to throw caution to the wind and forget all the hard work I had put in, was one of the best things I could have done.

Once again, these aren’t journals that you have to keep forever. Even more so, you can get a small journal with dividers so you can have different sections for different things, now you only have one journal and its multi-purpose. I know that keeping a journal can be a little daunting and can cause stress in its own right because you think it has to be a certain way. But you can have your journal however helps you best. So if you’re just jotting down notes of you meal and you’re emotions of the day, that’s fine. Or if you’re writing down every meal in details and associating a feeling with it that works as well. It’s about finding a method that works with your lifestyle and helps the process. Journal for a couple of weeks until you have a habit formed and you feel you have a handle on your progress.

The journal is used for accountability. Once you feel you are being accountable for your progress on your own you don’t have to track it anymore. As always, I do recommend going back to journaling every couple of months just to make sure your still on track.

Here’s today’s helpful tip towards our goals.

Flatten your belly

  1. Probiotics
  2. No Salt
  3. Not Gum
  4. No Beer
  5. Tame your sweet tooth
  6. Check your hormones
  7. Make sure you use the bathroom
  8. No broccoli
  9. Get Sleep
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