Carpe Diem or Nah

Long weekend are the ideal time to get things done. There is nothing better than having a four day weekend. And for those of us who are amazing at planning take a vacation day from work and turn that into five days off and a real vacation trip can be planned. The joys of the extended weekend are that we don’t have to cram everything into Saturday and Sunday. We can get things done and still get some rest in.

Then there is me. I had everything planned and ready to go to get things done on Saturday and Sunday, just like every other weekend. I did really well. I had all my to-do list done, all my places to go, and all my errands written down. I am all about the list in my life. Everything has a list and all lists are put into action. Saturday was amazing. I got out the house early enough that I got EVERYTHING in in TWO hours. Literally two hours. I was back home in time for lunch and able to get a nap in (I’m all about that nap life on the weekends). Progress was an understatement. I was killing the game. I was crossing things off my list left and right. You could tell me a thing. I was so proud of myself. So much so that I had a cheat meal, and I kept it to that one meal.

Then here comes Sunday, throwing my life completely OFF. Not to get into too much detail and point any blame, but everything that I participated in took RIDICULOUSLY long. Yes I have been applying the concept of not jam packing my day and leaving room for error. But everything on Sunday took at least 2 hours past the normal time. There is no way to account for that type of error when planning out your day.  Normally I get home on a Sunday about 12:30pm. This Sunday I was just headed home at 3:30pm. So of course my day is SHOT.

Anything that I had planned to do wasn’t even getting done. Then the light bulb goes off that its extended weekend and I have an extra day. *do a little dance*.  So all hope is not lost. I can still get things done on Sunday and the overflow will go to Monday. PERFECT. Or so I thought. Monday I could barely get out of bed. And the worst part about National Holidays is that everyone is off, even schools. So I had the joy of listening to children run past my window every 30-45 minutes. Sleep was something I could only wish for.

By the time I was actually able to peel myself out of the bed and get the rest of my list done I realize that sometimes coffee just doesn’t do it. Even more so it isn’t healthy to drink it all day so there must be some alternative or even natural way to get ourselves together. Then I came across this precious gem:

Foods and Drinks to Help FOCUS:

  1. Coffee and Cinnamon
  2. Green Tea
  3. Breakfast
  4. Berries
  5. Dark Chocolate/ Cocoa Powder
  6. Lemon Water
  7. Beets
  8. Peppermint Tea

Adding these things to our life and implementing them in our lifestyle change will help us naturally be more alert and focused. Especially with Breakfast being the most important part of the day, and not that heavy breakfast of grits, eggs, pancakes, and bacon (the IHop specials are not an option).

I am going to do BETTER

Let me know how your weekends go. Comment below.

Laura CurryComment